Tips for Lowering Your Electric Bill

Tips for Lowering Your Electric Bill

Tips for Lowering Your Electric BillThere was a time and not so long ago when we were overwhelmed with pleasure while opening a mailbox tucked amid greenery at the end of our outdoor path. It was overcrowded with Birthday, Christmas, Wedding invitation cards, love letters and a few bills. But, as Bob Dylan says The Times They are A-changing’, and the first ones, these adorable memories, are now the last. So many different ciphers and no letters at all. Luckily we can still enjoy these memories and focus on how to at least reduce our “romantic” bills.

First of all,

That you are tired of steps, tips, and how toes techniques, I’ve already known. Thus I will provide you with a really short guide, helpful and applicable.

Low Investment Gadgets For Reducing Energy Waste And Bills

The U.S Department of Energy report revealed an amazing fact- 20% of our electric bills come from devices that are left plugged in when not in use! So mind the following:

Buy a triple plug power adaptor or a power strip. When electronics are not in use it’s much easier to turn them off all at once than to unplug every single appliance.  Thus, you will block vampire energy that sucks up home power.

Buy energy efficient appliances labeled with Energy Star. They save up to 50% on your electric bills and will pay for itself within a year since they utilize about half the energy of standard appliances.

Sealing your heating and cooling ducts save up to 20% of energy consumption. All you need to do is to use metal-backed tape or mastic ones and seal the seams and connections of ducts in the premises that constantly move air to- and- from such as basement, attic, garage etc

Higher Investment Energy Detectives That Pay Off In A Month/Year

Tips for Lowering Your Electric BillEnergy-efficient computer monitors

Not only do they show you how much electricity you are using but they also advise you on how to save it! Since average monthly electricity bill is around $128.34 and the common EE computer monitor’s price is $89 it really pays off!

Programmable thermostat

It saves money month after month. It makes automatic adjustments in temperature settings according to your own schedule and it can be controlled remotely.

Kill a Watt monitor

This is a very powerful and power reducing device. It will detect all your largest power-wasting appliances and give you the choice whether to switch them off for good or not.

Insulation of the house from the roof down to its foundation

Prior to this venture schedule a home energy audit so to make an in-depth assessment of your home’s energy use and of past utility bills. You will get back your investment money in a year.

No Investments Strategies Just Brainy Ones

  • Get into the habit of switching off all lights and appliances when not in use. This step is already mentioned but it bears repeating since it is the winner reason for high electricity bills.
  • Convert to LED bulbs. They save up to 75% energy.
  • Install dimmable light bulbs so that you can adjust light levels with a switch.
  • Shut the doors to rooms that are not in use.
  • Heat/Cool only the rooms you spent most of your time in.
  • Whenever possible wash your laundry in cold water and save up to $180 a year on energy costs alone.
  • Use central heating instead of gas fire. It will cut your power bills by a third.
  • Use a pressure cooker. It’s double faster than the oven.
  • Set up your thermostat in line with the outdoor temperature. Between 77 and 80° F in the summer and 64 to 68° F in the cold weather. Lowering your thermostat by only one degree will show 3% decrease in your electricity bill.

Follow these tips and enjoy cutting down your electricity bills!