How to Replace a Ceiling Fan

How to Replace a Ceiling Fan

How to Replace a Ceiling FanSupposing that you are already familiar with what the fan is and its purpose we will go straight to the point. You wouldn’t be in a need of replacing it if the opposite is the case. Right? There are multiple guides out there than can help choose the best ceiling fans for the room you have decided to install a ceiling fan in and according to some of the best ceiling fans reviews you should read multiple reviews because that way, it will be easier for you to find something that fits your home perfectly.

Replacing the old or outdated fan is much easier than installing a new one. Why?

Because you have all the prerequisites required such as:

  • A ceiling outlet
  • Overhead box
  • Or an adjustable hanger bar.

So, rewiring a ceiling fan follows the same steps as wiring any ceiling fixture.


To avoid discharge of electricity through your body please turn off the power at the fuse. To be sure that all the wires in the ceiling box are dead it’s even better to turn off the power to the whole house. So, do this job during the daylight.


Put the ladder under the ceiling fan by positioning them to the side of the fan so that you can simply hold out any component such as the paddles or canopy at the ceiling.


How to Replace a Ceiling FanRemove the old fan from the fixture by disconnecting any bulbs from it and unscrew the nuts or screws connecting the fixture base to the ceiling box.


Ceiling fans are usually heavy so to suspend them under the ceiling box you should get some helper to hold the old fan while you are changing/attaching the wires.

First, take off the canopy coating the wiring by unscrewing each canopy screw.


Remove the caps by twisting them. First pull off black wires then the white and in the end, remove green ones. Be sure that the two wires- one from the fan, and one from the ceiling are untwisted so that you can pull the fan down.


Take the fan down by dislodging it from the mounting bracket. Get someone to help you with the fan as you pull it off the bracket.


Take down the old bracket and replace it with a new one. Leave the mount that fastens to the ceiling since you will fix the new bracket over it.


Put the new fan into place. Again have somebody hold the fan from below. Lift it up to the mounting bracket. The top ball should fit into the new bracket. Place one edge of the canopy to work on the wires.


Cut and scrape the wires so as to make them 15 to 20 cm longer than the downrod to match the length of ceiling wires. Now it’s time to connect the wires. Attach two green wires to the bare copper one by twisting them. Then join the two white wires and the two black ones applying the same procedure. In the end, tuck the wires in the brace.


Firm the canopy. The canopy should be in a flat position against the ceiling. When screwing it into the bracket the screws should be attached close to the ceiling. Now attach blades to its brackets and fit them into the fan. Add the light bulb.


Switch the power on. Turn on a light switch to test the fan i.e. if it works properly.