How To Get Dog Hair Off Clothes

How To Get Dog Hair Off Clothes

A dog is one of the best pet a man can have. They are loyal, friendly, and affectionate to their master. They do have soft and silky hair and it is one of the main reason to love dogs. But for many of us, it is a problem as well. Like, if you find some fluffy fur stick to your work suit just before going to your workplace or skirt of your beloved one on a dinner table, how would you feel? Probably very irritating huh? However, whether your dog has short or long hair, smooth or not it belongs to your dog, not on your clothes. So, knowing how to get rid of dog hair can make your life easier.

Furthermore, shedding is a common thing for furry pets but getting rid of them is a lot tougher than you think. In that sense, your first line of defense can be a pet vacuum cleaner. With pet vacuum cleaner, you could actually clear the any pet’s fur, especially the dogs. In most cases, normal vacuum cleaners are not designed to clear the pet hair, but if you buy a specifically designed pet vacuum cleaner, it would do a world of good to you. Before you buy a pet vacuum cleaner, you need to carefully review all the features to ensure you are getting the best product for your needs. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the specific ways to remove dog hair from your home or your clothes. Let’s move further and read the article in full.

How to Remove Dog Hair from Clothes?

How To Get Dog Hair Off ClothesThe simplest way to remove dog fur from your clothes is to use an anti-static spray. It will loosen the fur of the clothes then you can easily get rid of them with a brush or using a lint roller.

If you have soft-woven fabric covered with dog fur, before removing those fur with a brush you should use a steamer or should tuck up those clothes in a steamy washroom. The steam will loosen the fur so it will be easier for you to remove them.

Often the very best way to get rid of dog’s hair is to use a clingy clothes roller. However, if you don’t have a roller right now don’t worry, just wrap your hand with some packing tape with the gluey side out and rub your hand over the clothes. See, this simple trick works incredible!

If you don’t have a brush or a lint roller use your dish washing gloves just under the kitchen sink. Before the gloves just dampen them and then scrub them over your clothes, the static electricity they produce as well as the surface of your palms will cause the furs to cling to the gloves. Ok, now when the gloves become fully covered with fur wash them carefully and repeat the procedure.

How to Reduce Dog Hair in Your Home with a vacuum cleaner?

How To Get Dog Hair Off ClothesYour dog has hair so naturally, the hair will fall too. If you want to reduce pet hair in your house you have to evacuate the furniture on a regular basis. A great deal of the pet fur on your garments arises from your home furniture. But, you can easily get rid of these furs from your home if you use a vacuum cleaner. For example- with a Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner, you can make your home completely clean. It will suck up any dog hair with ease including from hard and carpeted floors. It will detect any fur when the floor changes and it will automatically adapt with the changes. Therefore, you don’t need to change the settings of the vacuum manually. In addition, the Lifetime’ HEPA filters ensure the cleaner remains hygienic as it will remove any allergens and prevent them to re-enter into the device.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is whichever way you choose to clear your dog’s hair, you must be careful. So, let us know what you think of our recommendation by commenting below.